Welcome to the sixth episode of STAGE LEFT.  In this podcast Liam Doona and Ger Clancy, both designers and lecturers at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology – IADT, share  deep reflections on how the pandemic has affected the sector in multiple ways, how it has made it very evident that the arts ecosystem needs re-thinking since a vast majority of people working in the arts are in a precarious position, and its consequent impact on mental health; how it has affected the nature of teaching and forced to reinvent teaching methodologies, and how important it is to educate children from a young age to be creative and appreciate the arts in order to have sustainable, long-term models in state legislation. And, finally, how creative thinking has been adopted in recent years by corporate models as a key element not just to develop new products but also to create better working environments. 

Overall, Ger and Liam make excellent reflections on the lessons we should learn from this unprecedented situation.

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy it!

Hosted by Noelia Ruiz.

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Each episode covers different aspects of scenography and its processes with designers from all disciplines at a variety of stages in their careers.

Stage Left Podcast Music: Venn Diagrams from How To Square A Circle by Alma Kelliher

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