Welcome to the fourth episode of STAGE LEFT.  In this podcast lighting and set designer Ciaran Bagnall and set designer Tracey Lindsay, in conversation with Niall Rea, talk about the impact of COVID among other insightful topics related to scenography.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Ciaran Bagnall’s Website

Abomination. A DUP Opera by The Belfast Ensemble
Photograph: Bernie McAllister as featured in The Guardian
Red by Primecut Productions
Red by Primecut Productions | Set & Lighting designer Ciaran Bagnall
Red by Prime Cut Productions Set & Lighting designer Ciaran Bagnall
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Each episode covers different aspects of scenography and its processes with designers from all disciplines at a variety of stages in their careers.

Stage Left Podcast Music: Venn Diagrams from How To Square A Circle by Alma Kelliher

These podcasts are possible thanks to the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

Produced by ISSSD and Noelia Ruiz

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