Valentina Gambardella

Costume Design

Valentina is an Italian designer and costume maker based in Ireland. She holds a MA with honours in Visual Arts and Media Studies and a diploma in Fashion Design and Tailoring.
In the past years she has worked on a number of theater shows including: The Small Things (Corcadorca), Cosy (Gaitkrash), The Nightingale and the Rose (Everyman Theater), Killing Stella (Gaitkrash), The Numbered (Cor- cadorca), England (Gaitkrash), How it is (Gare St.Lazare), Beauty and the Beast (Everyman Theater), Prodijig (Cork Opera House), Sacrifice at Easter (Corcadorca), Care (WillFredd Theater), Juno and the Paycock (Everyman Theater).

Valentina runs the business Malafemmina where she makes one of a kind pieces and bespoke garments.