Sarah Foley

Costume Design, Set Design

Sarah Foley is an Irish freelance Set and Costume Designer with a background in Theatre and Film. She began her theatre career in Costume design. She has a Diploma in costume design from ICFE, a HND Diploma in fashion design from BIFE , and an Hons Degree in fashion design from WWSOTA. In 2014 she returned to University to complete an MFA in Stage Design at the Lir Academy, graduating with a distinction. She studied both costume and set design in her masters.

“The collaborative process is very important to me. I work closely with the director, cast and design team throughout the production. Plays are not static things, they evolve and grow throughout rehearsals. I spend as much time as possible in the rehearsal room, so the design can adapt and evolve with the work. 

I treat my design as another layer to the story. It should fit seamlessly with all elements of the production. It should support the narrative and be imbued with emotion and meaning. 

I look for inspiration from many sources around me. I draw from theatre, photography, painters, musicians, architecture and the textures of our natural landscapes. “