Peter Power

Sound Design

Peter Power is a Composer, Director and Sound Designer from Waterford based in Cork. His interests are in the collaborative creation of events using music as a non-linear narrative source. His passion for composition stems from a want to pursue what cultural theorist and Architectural critic Charles Jencks called ‘extreme emotional arousal’: to control the definition of time and to express a scale of idea beyond conversation through extraordinary contexts.

Peter is Director of Eat My Noise, a multi-genre audio collective that work in Composition, Event, Film, Television and Post-Production.

Peter’s most recent work includes The Sameby Enda Walsh and Corcadorca (Composer/Sound Designer)fLux by Eat My Noise (Co-creator, Composer), Override by Stacey Gregg (Composer, Sound Designer), ProdiJIG: The Revolutionby Cork Opera House (Music Supervisor, Composer, Sound Designer), Neon Western(Co-creator, Composer, Sound Designer), Thomas Kent by Lantern Productions (Composer, Sound Designer) Gentrificationby Enda Walsh (Associate Director, Composer, Sound Designer) and Carinaeby Eat My Noise (Creator, Composer, Director).

Peter is currently Artist-In-Residence in the National Sculpture Factory, engaged in a year long collaboration with the building moving towards an exhibition/happening in 2018.