The Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers celebrates the work of designers living and working in Ireland in theatre, television and film production. It is a professional organisation run by designers for designers. ISSSD acts as a hub for information sharing and communication between these professionals in both a national and international forum as the principal representative body of stage and screen designers in Ireland.​

Stage and screen designers living and working in Ireland have consistently voiced the need for support from an organisation dedicated to their interests. ISSSD now offers that support.

Through the auspices of the Irish Theatre Institute, ISSSD has had access to a breadth of knowledge and experience crucial to the firm foundation of the society. ITI’s continuing support, coupled with that of our expanding membership, will undoubtedly prove a major asset to ISSSD in achieving its stated goals and developing further initiatives in the future.


ISSSD’s immediate aims are:
  • To become an invaluable professional resource for its members.
  • To be acknowledged as the principal representative body of stage and screen design in Ireland.
  • To be recognised as the primary contact in Ireland for communications from the international scenographic community.
  • To seek affiliation to/membership of apposite national organisations.
  • To seek affiliation to/membership of apposite international organisations.
  • To forge links with educational institutions in Ireland offering relevant design programmes.
  • To organise a national exhibition of Stage and Screen Design with a view to having a presence at the Prague Quadrennial 2019.
ISSSD’S longer term aims are:
  • To expand the understanding and appreciation of design within the broader professional practice of stage and screen production.
  • To highlight the achievements of Irish designers of stage and screen both nationally and internationally.
  • To promote the professions of design for stage and screen in a wider social and educational context.


Membership will allow you to:
  • Be acknowledged professionally through a nationally and internationally recognised representative body.
  • Be an active participant in a professional collective with shared interests and concerns.
  • Initiate/attend ISSSD events.
  • Participate in ISSSD exhibitions and have your work represented in accompanying catalogues.
  • Create a professional profile on the ISSSD website.
  • Subscribe to the ISSSD News page.
  • Read and contribute to the ISSSD forum.
  • Avail of the ISSSD Designer Support pages
  • Access the ISSSD Document Store.
Who can join?

ISSSD welcomes designers and allied practitioners working on a professional basis in film, television or theatre production and in related performance based event/entertainment areas. We also offer membership to students, recent graduates and retired practitioners of these disciplines.

How can you become a member?

ISSSD offers four categories of membership:

  • Professional (practioners with at least three years professional practice)
  • Student (persons enrolled in a recognised third level design programme).
  • Graduate (persons who have successfully completed a recognised third level design programme with three years or less professional practice).
  • Associate (retired practitioners).

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete and submit the application form here.


ISSSD Board 2020 – 2022

Chair: Ciarán O’Melia
Secretary & Membership: Sarah Foley
Treasurer: Bill Woodland

Education Officer: Niall Rea
General Committee: Katie Davenport, Catherine Fay, Kata Rozvadska, Conleth White, Lisa Krugel

ISSSD Board 2017 – 2020

Chair: Liam Doona
Vice Chair: Alan Farquharson
Secretary & Membership
2017 – 2018: Alma Kelliher
2018 – 2020: Sarah Jane Shiels
Treasurer: Deirdre Dwyer

Outreach Officer: Peter Power
Education Officer
2017 – 2018: Moggie Douglas
2018 – 2020: Niall Rea
General Committee: Katie Davenport, Catherine Fay, Ciara Murnane, Kata Rozvadska, Eimer Murphy