The Committee invites all ISSSD members to join us in supporting each other through these difficult times.  Please, find below a list of funding support and other information of assistance available online.

We encourage everybody to join our Facebook group so it can serve as a forum for us all to share information, resources and ideas. Thanks!


The Civic’s Artist Emergency Relief Fund

COVID – 19 Unemployment Payment:

Professional Artists on Jobseeker’s allowance:

Artists who do not qualify for this scheme can still apply for a wide range of Social Welfare Scheme’s and services:

Welfare supports available from Government here:

This information covers both a special unemployment benefit and an illness benefit should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 and is related to both employees and the self-employed.

This guide from might be of help

Theatre Forum meeting and updates page

Theatre Forum’s emergency meeting live stream 

Arts Council updates:

The Arts Council will honour funding commitments made to those who funded under Strategic Funding, Arts Centre Funding, Arts Grant Funding & Festival Investment Scheme Round 1. 

They’re asking those companies and organisation to priorities commitments to artists.

Follow Government advice and only get information from official sources:

Scenographic e-learning tools in case you get bored!

On a lighter note, in the links below you ca find some e-learning tools that might be of interest to some and that have become free during this time!

World Stage Design published a few links on their Facebook page

Magnum has compiled a list with every free event, technology training class, tutorial and workshop being offered during COVID-19


Finally, most members have been issued with invoices for membership fees 2020. Please do not feel under any pressure to pay this if you are not in a financially stable position to do so.  Those members whose last names are in the S to Z category will be getting invoices over the next few days, in the interest of maintaining the societies normal working procedures.

Thanks and stay safe!!!

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